The Dream

The Buttery answers the need for a top-quality,

great-tasting peanut butter lovingly crafted in
small batches and distributed locally in Spain.
After years of carrying jars of premium New Zealand
nut butters back to Spain in their suitcases,
founders Zander and Bri decided to launch their own
peanut butter business in Barcelona.

Great taste, great for you!

Zed & Bri | Co-founders


Our nut butters are the perfect food to fuel your life,

sport and passions. 100% healthy dry-roasted
hi-oleic peanuts, lovingly crafted in small
batches into delicious creamy peanut butter

The finest peanut butter in all Europe


At The Buttery we work hard to create the most

delicious nut butters with a perfect texture
and taste balance. Our hi-oleic peanuts,
as well as being an excellent source of protein,
have a superior taste and texture to conventional
peanuts and have unique health-giving properties
similar to avocados and olive oil.

100% healthy, dry-roasted, hi-oleic peanuts.


10% of profits donated to initiatives

combatting global warming.

Our Sizes & Flavours

Peanut Butter Jar Sizes:
40g – 220g – 350g – 800g

Peanut Butter Flavours:
Pure Cream – Cream & Crunch – Dark Chocolate Crunch – Chia, Flax & Hemp – Honey Crunch – White Chocolate

Granola Sizes:


In each market that we participate we offer a discount. Use yours!

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